"Meeting point for adventure seekers"

The Cordillera Blanca and its multiple snow-capped mountains of 5 and 6 thousand meters are the perfect setting ¡for those pursuing more challenging adventures!

The Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash have in their territories many of the most spectacular and famous mountains in the world; As the most beautiful mountain on the planet “Alpamayo”, the highest mountain in Peru the “Huascaran”, the majestic “Yerupaja” and many more …

The number of snow-capped mountains with different characteristics and difficulties, make it a unique and unmissable destination for all lovers of this sport with or without experience and also for those who come in search of challenges and adventures in the Andean sky.

Alpamayo 5947m

Huascaran 6768m

Tocllaraju 6052m

Ishinca 5752m

Pisco 5752m

Yanapaccha 5393m

Vallunaraju 5752m

Chopicalqui 6354m

Artesonraju 6025m

Copa 6137m