Perfect for your acclimatization and introduction to adventure sports.

After receiving multiple suggestions from our nature-loving clients who seek direct contact with flora and fauna and who dream of staying the appropriate time to enjoy short walks, the crystal-clear lagoons, the view of the spectacular snow-capped mountains and the ancient cultures; We have carefully prepared the following routes. These differ from traditional tours by departure time and small groups.

Enjoy these trips in comfortable vehicles, with a delicious lunch in the heart of the mountain and always under the direction of one of our expert Guides.

Season: All year round, recommended between April to October.

Duration: Each circuit takes a full day.

Difficulty: Easy – moderate.

Here are some routes that have been prepared with great care:

Dificulty: Moderate

After breakfast we travel north of Huaraz at (6:30 a.m.) We will cross many towns and villages in the Callejon de Huaylas. After a quick stop in the National Park main entrance, we’ll drive up to Portachuelo (4,750 meters) the highest point in the hike. Once we take some amazing pictures of the spectacular panoramic views, we take the trail descending in the foothills of Huascaran and Chopicalqui. After enjoying lunch by a crystal clear river surrounded by Quenual trees, we will end the hike at our vehicle, which will transport us to the Llanganuco lakes.
Once we enjoy the beauty of this location and having taken a relaxing boat ride in the lakes, we will enter the enchanted forest in the Maria Josefa trail. At the end of the trail our vehicle will pick us up once again for a return trip to Huaraz.

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Churup Lake (4,480 meters)
Dificulty: Moderate/Dificult

We begin our tour heading east from Huaraz (7:30 a.m.) After enjoying a view of the small traditional and typical villages of the area, we will reach Pitec, the perfect location to view the Cordillera Blanca and Negra. We will begin the ascent using one of the most beautiful trails in the Cordillera Blanca. After climbing white granite rocks and crossing rivers, we will reach Churup, a lagoon considered by many as the prettiest of the area.
After a deserved rest and enjoying lunch by the crystal blue waters, we will go on to the base of the Churup peak where we can appreciate a small but wonderful lagoon. We retake the trail to Pitec where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Huaraz

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After breakfast we will head south of Huaraz (7:30 a.m.) We will stop in Catac, the ideal place for a coca leave tea, which will help counteract the effects of the altitude. Once in the Huascaran National Park and having viewed the natural habitat of the wild ducks, we will walk into the world famous Puyas Raymondi forest. This plant is considered the highest flower in the world.
After taking a few pictures and tasting the mineral water from a natural spring, we go on to the Pastoruri base camp where we begin our ascent to the peak, under the care of a specialized guide. After lunch and a hot coca leave tea we return to Huaraz.

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Punta Olimpica – Yanaraju lagoon
Dificulty: Moderate

we started this nice trip at 7:30 am, we drive north of Huaraz in 40 minutes will be in Carhuas where we will visit its church, main square and after prove their natural fruit ice cream, we take a detour to the east up to the Cordillera Blanca and Huascaran National Park, after checking will enter to the Ulta valley surrounded by stunning snowy as the Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Cajavilca, Contrahiervas, and Ulta.
After the photos we continue our journey through a spectacular road and after passing through endless curves reach the second longest vehicular tunnel of Peru (1384m) and the highest in the world to be located at 4735 m. After enjoying the scenery of this wonderful place and after passing the Callejon de Huaylas to Conchucos we begin to descend to the village of Chacas, on the way we will hike to Yanaraju Lagoon, Lagoon a special color “Blue”, then continue down to the town of Pompey and then Chacas, where we will appreciate the wonderful woodwork, after trying one of the typical dishes of the area return to Huaraz.

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Lagoon Querococha– Chavin (4,250 meters)
Dificulty: Easy

We depart at 7:30 a.m. heading south from Huaraz, crossing the villages of Recuay, Ticapampa and Catac. Once inside the Huascaran National Park, we’ll stop to visit and hike by the spectacular Querococha Lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains such as the Pucaraju.
After sampling fresh catch of the day trout we will continue our drive and climb to the Cahuish Tunnel at 4,400 meters. The tunnel allows us access from the Callejon de Huaylas to the incomparable landscape of the Callejon de los Conchucos. After a short visit to the town of Chavin we will enter the archeological monument, always accompanied by a specialized guide that will show us all the impressive and wonderful Chavin works such as the underground galleries, canals, wall nail heads, town square and one of the best works of Chavin culture “Lanzon de Chavin”, “Estela Raymondi” and “obelisco Tello”.

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Llaca Lake (4,280 meters)
Dificulty: Easy

This is one of the perfect hike to acclimatize, started at 7:30 am directing us towards the eastern part of Huaraz, passing through typical villages and enjoying the high Andean landscape, facing the creek Cojup take another detour towards the valley of Llaca, where, after checking the office park will begin to walk in the Llaca valley surrounded by beautiful mountains as Vallunaraju, Ocshapalca, Ranrapalca and Rima Rima, after two hours of walking we reach the base of Ocshapalca and Llaca lagoon. After remain adequate time, take lots of pictures and after lunch we returned to the car and Huaraz.

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CEBOLLAPAMPA – LAGOON 69 (4,630 meters)
Dificulty: Moderate

After a tasty breakfast we will head north of Huaraz (6:00 a.m.) Visiting the old city of Yungay now declared sacred ground since it was buried in the 1970 earthquake.
We will access the Llanganuco gorge and at the Pisco climb crossroads we begin our spectacular hike while enjoying the scenery.
It will take about three hours to reach the beautiful Laguna 69, surrounded by the Chacraraju and the Pisco peaks. After a relaxing rest and an uplifting lunch we return to our vehicle and a two hour trip back to Huaraz.

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