¡We are not always following paths; we are making out own way!

After a challenging hike, we offer a few exclusive routes, for those seeking tranquility and solitude in nature, where you can enjoy the mountain in all its splendor.

These routes that were carefully planned, are new and are yet to be explored by the masses. It offers picturesque views of Mountains, lagoons, rivers, waterfalls and plant life of the Andean Mountains.

We will not return to Huaraz without trying a delicious fried trout that you have caught with your own hands….

Hike highly recommended by the entire Huascaran group.

Shacsha - Cashan

Huantar - Rurec

Jancu - Shacsha - Carhuascancha

Quero - Mahuay - Solterococha

Cañon del Pato - Champara - Alpamayo