Chavin – Purhuaycocha – Ulta.


We leave Huaraz heading south passing through the cities of Recuay, Ticapampa and Catac; where we will take a detour to the Cordillera Blanca and the Huascaran National Park.

After walking over 4,000 meters next to the beautiful Querococha Lagoon, we will continue the journey to the Cahuish Tunnel that will allow us to go from West to East and enter the rich and beautiful Conchucos Valley. After walking for a bit and getting dripped on in the tunnel, we will go down into the valley enjoying beautiful Andean villages such as tambillos, Machac and Quercos and finally arriving at the Chavin Cultural Center, located between the Huachecza and Mosna River. After the tour of its square plaza, circular plaza, the cylindrical columns, its underground galleries and appreciating the incredible carvings of the Chavines on the white granite rock and  after observing the wonderful Lanzon From Chavin we will continue our trip to the site museum, the town of San Marcos and Huari where we will spend the night.

Travel time: 5 to 6 hours approximately.

Walking time: 1 1/2  .

Approximate difference in altitude: 1,576 m. climb and 1728 m. from low.

We head west to visit one of the largest and most beautiful lagoons in this area “Purhuay”, after walking and enjoying the lagoon we continue our journey to the Huatsucochaque Pass that allows us to enjoy the valleys and the high Andean landscape. We descend towards the lagoon of the same name and its trout farm; and then we go into a deep valley passing through the city of San Luis and stopping at one of the most beautiful churches in the heart of the Callejon de Conchucos. Then we will continue towards the town of Acochaca and arrive at the famous town of Chacas and its wood carvings.

Visit and enjoy the handicrafts of Chacas, its craft center in wood and stained glass, cheese making and much more …

Overnight in Chacas.

Travel time: 4 to 5 hours approximately.

Walking time: 1 1/2 hour.

Approximate difference in altitude: 1,200 m. climb and 990 m. down.

We leave this beautiful town of Chacas heading towards the Cordillera Blanca, passing through the town of Pompey and its rich agriculture, entering the Potaca Valley.  After taking a short walk and enjoying the unique beauty and the blue colored erwat of Yanarju Lagoon  where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Cancaraca Lagoon; We will continue going up to the highest in the world “Punta Olimpica”, in a few seconds we will enter the Callejon de Huaylas and one of the most beautiful valleys of the Cordillera Blanca “Ulta”, after walking in the moraine of the snow-capped Mateo and  appreciating and taking dozens of photos of the majestic snow-capped mountains that surround this valley, we will go down a beautiful road to Carhuas where we will take a short walk and taste its natural ice creams and then continue to Huaraz.

End of our Adventure.

Travel time: 5 to 6 hours approximately.

Walking time: 2 1/2 hour.

Approximate difference in altitude: 1,378 m. rise and 1686 m. down.


All year round, recommended between April to October.


03 days / 02 nights