Huasta – Huanucopampa – Dinosaur Footprints – Puyas Raymondi.


On route, after leaving Huaraz, we will visit the city of Recuay and its typical mountain constrictions, adobe houses, narrow streets and balconies, built before the 1970 earthquake.

In addition, on the route, we will see the livestock store of the rural community of Catac, we will visit and take a short to the Conococha Lagoon. Then we will continue on a good road, where we can observe the Cordillera Huayhuash, where one of the most beautiful walking routes on the planet is located and finally arriving at the city of Chiquian, located in a strategic place and surrounded by agriculture.

Where we will spend the night in a hostel.

Travel time: 4 to 5 hours approximately.

Walking time: 1 hour.

Approximate difference in altitude: 1048 m. climb and 650 m. down.

After breakfast and a short walk to the Usgor Waterfall, located 2 km. from Chiquian, we will continue with our impressive journey, crossing rivers of crystalline water, visiting small but beautiful towns like Huasta, crossing the puna full of Ichu, then crossing the Yanashallas Pass of 4680m and the Huallanca Valley and its mining.

After a stop in the city of La Union, we will continue on a narrow road that will take us to the high city, which is the regional, political-economic and religious capital of Chinchaysuyo “Huanupampa” which was built by the Incas as the middle point of Cuzco and Tomebamba interconnecting the rest of the Inca trail.

After enjoying its large plaza, ceremonial platforms, and its beautiful carvings of pumas, thousands of buildings designated for military, religious and administrative functions it is all part of more than 200 hectares. to the city of La Union, where we will spend the next night.

Travel time: 4 to 5 hours approximately.

Walking time: 2 hours.

Approximate difference in altitude: 1,230 m. rise and 1476 m. down.

We will continue the journey towards one of the impressive finds of man “Dinosaur Footprints” in the puna on the western flank of the Cordillera Blanca and at 4780 m. We will find traces of a 17-meter Sauropod and a giant Theropod, millions of years. Old.  This site is the best preserved and oldest in South America. It is the largest dinosaur in the world due to its footprint of 78 cm. Having gone back in time we will continue the journey crossing the Hurapasca Pass 4780 m. from where you can see the famous snowy Pasto Ruri and other snowy mountains such as Santon and Huarasca. We descend towards the Carpa Valley, we will find ourselves in front of the cave paintings of the Andean man. Also, in the valley we will enjoy a walk along the largest floral scene in the world and among the most beautiful exponents of the high Andean flora the “Puya Raymondi”.

After taking many photos, we will continue with this fascinating trip to Huaraz.

Travel time: 5 to 6 hours approximately.

Walking time: 1 1/2 hour.

Approximate difference in altitude: 1,576 m. climb and 1728 m. down.


All year round, recommended between April to October.


03 days / 02 nights