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Mahuay – Llamac (5,050 meters)
Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash

We now present the Huayhuash seven, eight, eleven and fourteen day trekking routes. These routes are just as spectacular as those found in Tibet and Nepal. The 156 km of trails make it one of the most impressive, longest and spectacular treks in the world. The average altitude of the trek is approximately 4,300 meter and the highest point is 5000 meters, becoming a healthy challenge for all who love this sport activity.

Few places in the world posses such beautiful landscapes as those found in Huayhuash, this is the reason why it is considered among the international community as one of the ten most spectaculars treks in the world.
The Cordillera Huayhuash is probably the most impressive trek in the Peruvian Andes. Six of its peaks are above 6,000 meters and fifteen others reach 5,400 meters. Huayhuash is the second highest tropical mountain range in the world behind the Cordillera Blanca. It has a variety of ecosystems and significant potential as a travel destination thanks to is incomparable and scenic views. Many lakes (Jahuacocha, Carhuacocha, Viconga and others) of incredible beauty are crossed while hiking through the protected valleys filled with a rich and diverse wildlife.

Also is the place where you will enjoy of the hot spring water, swimming at 4200 meters, relax and wash small clothes, just in the middle of our trek.


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