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Take advantage during your stay in the area to practice this safe and exciting sport. Running the rapids of the Santa River, while enjoying the wilderness of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra is an exhilarating adventure. This activity is ideal for novice and experts alike. Our boats are always driven by professional river guides.

The Santa River originates from Lake Conococha and is the only river suitable for adventure rafting. It runs north down the Callejon the Huaylas, flanked by the cordillera Blanca and cordillera Negra and ends in the Pacific Ocean. The degree of difficulty varies from easy to demanding and technical.

Cost based on 4 people - if desired, we are able to guide individuals or groups of more than 4 people for a different fee. Please check each route for detailed pricing information or contact us for a customized trip.

Trips include all equipment, river guide and transportation.

  ルート Length Time 難易度 標高 金額
Huaraz - Toclla - Huaraz 10 km Nov - Apr II-III 3160m 要お問い合わせ
Huaraz - Yungay Pueblo - Libre - Huaraz 12 km May - Oct III-IV 2350m 要お問い合わせ
Huaraz - Yungay - Caraz - Huaraz 25 km May - Oct III-IV 2350m 要お問い合わせ
Huaraz - Tinco - Mancos - Huaraz 16 km Jun - Sep III-IV 2350m 要お問い合わせ

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