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Special Tours

After receiving feedback from our visitors and exploring different routes in the area, we are now providing the following hikes for those who love nature, mountaineering and adventure sports, but may not have a lot of time available. These are places where the hiker will find beautiful landscapes, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, ancient forests and archeological remains. You will come into contact with the ever-present snow in the Cordillera Blanca.

The principal difference with the traditional trip is the departure time 6:30 a.m., small group, we arrive at perfect time to each attractive, spend more time in contact with the nature, have a lunch near to nature, Enough time to walk between Andean trees and flowers and much more.

All of the hikes are conducted by specialized guides, private transportation and Lunch included.

Cost based on group of 7 people - if desired, we are able to guide individuals or groups of less than 7 people for a different fee. Please check each trip for detailed pricing information or contact us for a customized trip.

  ルート Length Time 難易度 標高 金額
Portachuelo - Llanganuco 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 4500m 要お問い合わせ
Puyas Raymondi - Pastoruri 1 day Apr - Dec 中級 5150m 要お問い合わせ
Punta Olímpica - Chacas 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 4750m 要お問い合わせ
Churup lake 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級/Dificult 4450m 要お問い合わせ
Llaca Lake 1 day 年間を通して可能 比較的容易 4474m 要お問い合わせ
Chavin 1 day 年間を通して可能 比較的容易 4516m 要お問い合わせ
69 Lake 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 4620m 要お問い合わせ
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