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  Location Time 登頂可能時期 難易度 標高 金額
Los Olivos 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 - 上級 3150m 要お問い合わせ
Chancos 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 - 上級 2850m 要お問い合わせ
Hatun Machay 1 day 年間を通して可能 中級 - 上級 3150m 要お問い合わせ

An adventure sport in which you will enter into the vertical world to unite with nature and thus with your own hands and body feel the adrenaline. It is a sport of technique and strength that is acquired with practice.

Cost based on 3 people - if desired, we are able to guide individuals or groups of more than 3 people for a different fee. Please check each trip for detailed pricing information or contact us for a customized trip.

Trips include all equipment, rock climbing guide and transportation.
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